A Glimpse Into the Company

How it Began

Made by Moiii began late September of 2015 in the middle of the night. Amanda was having a hard time sleeping, and the idea came to her! She was a broke college student, trying to think of ways that she could make some money. Amanda had just recently painted some paintings for a friend, and the idea hit her! It was a way to make money that would allow her to still be a full time student. She says it is crazy to believe the company has been in business for two years now.  The business has continued to grow over those two years with new products and new ideas.



Her clientele is mostly geared towards college aged girls. She feels that has a better connection with that client base because she herself is a girl in college. With the college age client base in mind is how Amanda determined her prices for her products.  She tries to stay fair, because after all she created this business because she herself was broke and needed a little cash.


Where Made By Moiii Goes

Made By Moiii is not just a company that operates in Tuscaloosa, Alabama but has expanded its wings to other states in the U.S. The most shipments of her products go to the states of Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina.  While the most popular shipping locations are all southern states, shipments have gone to multiple other parts of the U.S. including places in the North and the West Coast.


Her Work

While she originally started off making beaded necklaces, she has developed the company into something much bigger and sells a wide variety of products.  Her most popular product right now would have to be her paintings that she creates.  For a large scale painting she spends around two to three weeks on trying to make the painting the best that it can be.


Customer Service

For the people in Tuscaloosa, Alabama she goes above and beyond with customer service with any item she creates for them.  Amanda will go pick out a canvas and paint with someone if they are having trouble with ideas or the design that they have in mind but can’t translate it clearly. She will go over the details of the painting, cooler, or letter itself with the client, after they pick out their design and colors, until she makes sure everything is put into place.


Work & School

Sometimes Made By Moiii has been overwhelming, but Amanda has made sure to never bite off more than she can chew.  Like any business there are busy seasons and slower seasons. She has sometimes had to create things on a time crunch, but they have ended up just as great as the other products have because she carves the time out needed to create it. Amanda loves her company but always remembers to keep school as her number one priority with Made By Moiii following right behind.


Future Endeavors

Amanda has been asked about considering this company as her full time job more than once.  She loves it and honestly thinks she could make it her full time job.  She has been approached about opening a store front in Nashville, Tennessee with her cousin. That possibility could bring her back to her hometown in Nashville, and still give her the ability to send her products anywhere throughout the United States.


How to Order

The best way to order products from Made By Moiii is through Instagram.  You need to send her a personal message on her Made By Moiii account that she checks regularly to keep up with orders being sent in. She loves to do little giveaways, whether it be for Made by Moiii’s birthday or some other special occasions so be sure to follow her account.  Be on the lookout for exciting new things that show up on her Instagram!


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